4 Nature system


We present an innovative system for creating unique vertical gardens, consisting of a combination of excellent design and the latest available technology. The 4Nature System will let you enjoy greenery all year round in your office, venue or private apartment.




The 4Nature System is based on plastic modules in which we have combined features that meet the needs of today's green wall users: functionality, aesthetics, reliability, low failure rate as well as ease of care and maintenance. The modules can be combined with each other, creating vertical gardens to size or used as a ready solution 4Nature Smart - encased in a designer frame that comes in various sizes and colours. The modules are connected by an automatic irrigation system, managed by the user with an application of mobile devices, which additionally has the function of controlling the water level in the tank.


We created the 4Nature system based on our several years of experience in the vertical gardens industry as well as on the needs of recipients. Every day we explore the theme of green walls, which poses new challenges for us. In practice, we want vertical gardens to be easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly.

The 4Nature System was created in cooperation with specialists in the field of industrial design, gardening and intelligent control. Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego (Institute of Industrial Design) in Warsaw Instytut Ogrodnictwa (Institute of Horticulture) in Skierniewice

See our realisations and change your surroundings!





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